One of the most important facets of off-farm activities is providing employment opportunities and additional income for rural households and thereby accommodates the seasonal and fluctuating agricultural production. Given this, identifying the underlying determinants of off-farm participation and its impact on crop yield was found to be of the essence. Cross-sectional data was collected through structured questionnaire administered on 384 randomly selected farmers. Descriptive statistics, profit, and Ordinary Least Square (OLS) models, as well as t and chi-square tests, were used to analyze the data. The regression result revealed that off-farm participation was positively influenced by gender, education, working people, the number of pack animals and credit access; while age and land size carried a negative sign. Off-farm participation was also found to have a negative and statistically significant impact on crop yield where non-participants were better producers; since the majority of off-farm participants participate only on food-for-work which has nothing to add to crop yield rather than compromising farm activities. Hence, training on non-farm activities need to be given; the current adult education, being propagating, need to be strengthened; and there is a need to solve liquidity problem through credit access that could serve as startup capital.



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