Contract by keyboard company and Toshiba company. The two companies located in 1234 main street marrow and 5647 36 street in New York. It is a two-year contract where by key board company is to supplying the key boards to Toshiba company. The shipment shipped in two phases according to the number of keyboards supplied. The first half of 7500 units, each at the cost of $ 20 set for 3rd January 2011 and the second half set for 11th January 2011.

Terms of the contract

The shipment of the products was the liability of the buyer. The product delivery time within thirty days after which the contract declared void. This applies to both deliveries. In this case, the contract will only be complete if Keyboard Company successfully delivers the goods to Toshiba for inspection. After inspecting the products and clarifying that they were according to specifications, Toshiba will pay Keyboard Company the agreed amount. However there may be certain factors that may hinder the successful delivery of goods. For instance, the keyboards may be less in number or some may be having some technical problems. The buyer and the seller will agree on certain payment terms within a limited time. Delay of payment would breach contract causing seller to sue buyer. Finding valid claims, the company will not only make complete payments but also compensate the seller for the damages caused under the laws that govern the sale of goods act.