Disclaimer Agreement:

Disclaimer agreement conditions set forth here is not limited to placing an order with myacademicresearchers.com, a Customer accepts, without exception:

Product Use:

Orders produced for customers by myacademicresearchers.com writers, not intended to send as his/her own work. The primary purposes for the products produced for any Customer are as follows: research, study of organizational structure and proper content, and/or as samples or examples of educationally sound research and writing.

Customer Contact Information:

The Customer is responsible for the provision of clear and current contact information, as requested on myacademicresearchers.com.

Failure to give correct contact information may result in delay or delivery failure, and myacademicresearchers.com bears no responsibility in such instances.

Order Cancellations:

Due to cancellation of any order, the following conditions are apply:

Refund amount determined based upon the progress that has already occurred on the order completion. If the work assigned is already completed, refund will directly relate to amount of production work already completed.
Should a Customer ask a refund for a specific order, s/he will also have the option of applying that refund amount to a future order.

Utilization of Resource Materials:

Dependent upon the academic level and the type of product ordered, the assigned writer will use the most current, relevant, and right resource materials. Should a Customer ask or need specific resources, s/he may ask their use. In such instances, the customer should give the resources, should the writer not able to gain easy and free access to them. Resources uploaded on the Customer’s account page, for writer use; however, said resources are uploaded as soon as possible so there are no delays in production. If production delays occur due to tardiness in resource uploads, myacademicresearchers.com is not responsible for lateness of delivery. Should a Customer need resources that s/he cannot give, and which are not available to the writer free of charge, myacademicresearchers.com will be happy to buy them. In such circumstances, the Customer agrees to incur the extra cost of securing those resources, according to an extra invoice which will be provided.

Customer Provisions of Instructions:

Order when placed, the Customer bears full responsibility for the provision of all order details, completing all fields in the order form, as well as any other specifications. Should a writer require more clarification or information, that writer will contact the Customer directly. It is the Customer’s responsibility to respond immediately, so there are no delays. Customer dissatisfaction with the product will result to free revisions. However, the specification changes were not in the first order details, there will be an extra charge for the revisions.


myacademicresearchers.com writers are bound by contract to produce only fully original work. Suspected part of Customers delivered product , myacademicresearchers.com will give a plagiarism scan report. Discovery of plagiarized content will result to free revisions.

Technological Issues:

Issues arising from electronic, technical or Customer’s Internet provider failures are upon the customer.
Placing an order with myacademicresearchers.com, Customer agrees to bound all provisions of this Disclaimer.
Commitment from myacademicresearchers.com to prepare the highest quality of academic writing, to give to the success of its Customers. We appreciate your choice of our Company for your writing needs. If, at any time, you should have concerns or questions, please complete the contact form on our site, so that we may aid you in any way.

Customer Agreement/Acknowledgment:

By virtue of placing an order with myacademicresearchers.com, Customer agrees that s/he has read this Agreement and shall bound by all Terms of Use of the following “Agreement.” Should Customer need clarification of any of these provisions, Customer is responsible for contacting us to ask such clarification. Customers informed that products and services provided by myacademicresearchers.com are for research and reference purposes, and myacademicresearchers.com does not give any guarantee on a Customer’s grades.

Agreement of Payment:

With order placement and automatic acceptance of these Terms of Use, Customer provides permission to charge his/her credit card for the payment amount provided for the order.

Cancellation of Order:

Customer may cancel an order via email notification, prior to writer production commencement. If, however, any Terms of Use have been violated.

Delivery Deadline Specifications and Delays:

When myacademicresearchers.com accepts an order, it also accepts the delivery deadline provided by the Customer. myacademicresearchers.com shall not be held responsible or liable for production/delivery delays or failures, under the following circumstances:

  1. Inability to Verify Billing Information: If Customer billing information cannot be verified, and if Customer does not respond to ask for such verification, order production shall not be commenced.
  2. Prompt Response to Requests: Should Customer fail to respond promptly to all requests from his/her writer, and production delays occur as a result, myacademicresearchers.com is responsible for neither production delays nor tardiness, and refunds based upon such circumstances shall not be awarded.
  3. Phone Communication: Customer must give an exact phone contact number and respond promptly to all calls from his/her writer. Should Customer fail to respond promptly, myacademicresearchers.com is not liable for any delay or production failure.
  4. Revisions/Editing: Should Customer alter first order instructions; additional payment is required for the free revision offers. Customer agrees that significant changes in specifications can impact delivery timeline.
  5. Instructions/Resources: Customer is responsible for provision of all specifications for order production/completion. Should such specifications include specific resource materials, Customer must give said resources on time. An appropriate schedule or resource provision is as follows:
  • Time of Delivery of 48 hours or more – resource provision within 8 hours of order placement
  • Delivery of 12-24 hours – resource provision within 1 hour of order placement
  • Delivery of 12 or few hours – resource provision within 30 minutes of order placement
  1. Academic Level: Customer is responsible to show the correct academic level at the time of order placement. Failure to correct an error in academic level designation may result in increased cost.
  2. Payment: No work shall begin on any order without full receipt of full payment.

Availability of Support Staff/Delivery Delay:

24-hour/7-days a week support is available for resolution of all issues. Should issues arise with delivery, Customer must contact the support staff immediately. If the issue is the fault of myacademicresearchers.com, order price shall be re-calculated to show the delay and a partial refund shall be provided. Due to these circumstances, any refund amount may also be applied to a future order.

Binding Laws:

Customer is responsible for abiding by the local, state, county, territory or country legislation related to online purchases and the use of services related to academic writing. Further, any credit card fraud or cyber-crime violations shall be reported to the right authorities.

Use of Product:

The customer understands and agrees that any product purchased from myacademicresearchers.com is for reference and research purposes only and shall not be misrepresented as his/her own work.

Customer Privacy:

Information provided by the customer is private and customization. Customer understands that Company use of cookies is for the sole purpose of personalizing his/her experience. As well, myacademicresearchers.com has the right to contact Customers with news, special offers, and other information which it feels the Customer may value. Customer may change browser settings to eliminate cookies and may unsubscribe from Company mailing list.