Discretionary authority is the power to make a decision where the choice of whether to make a decision or not is bestowed in the decision maker. Whereas Discrimination is the treatment of people based on their category. Race, economic status, religious among others.

In the public schools, we have two methods of hiring that are not overt. While as some schools may hire teachers basing on their skills and experience thus living the hiring authority with the decision of whether to hire (Discretionary ).Some base their method of hiring on discrimination. It is evident today that some public schools although secretly still here teachers basing on their race, religion or even political alignment.

In Private schools, the situation is even worse as most private schools are attended by children from the rich and famous classes of the American society. They thus base their hiring methods on the standards set by those attending the schools. For example, some white schools cannot hire a colored teacher simply because the owner of the school not only hires at his own discretion but also hires basing on the race that attends his school.

In conclusion, hiring today in both public and private schools is greatly influenced by a number of factors leave alone the discretion and discrimination factors. Politics has also been reported to play a part in the hiring of teachers. With more democrats being hired over the republicans and vice verse depending on the politics of the time.