Cities play a very important role in determining the course of the world. They are the gauge for which institutions used to rank a nation are based. For instance; the total revenue a state makes is calculated in most cities and through them, it is easier to gauge the global economy. Therefore, it is true that cities direct the vision that a state develops. The consideration of the various visions developed in the various cities in collectivity results in an informed idea about the global vision. Moreover, rankings based on the policies of given nations are sources of insight for not so well-doing cities. Remarkably, cities have a role in both global and local development of visions.

Arguably, a city may not do quite well in the consideration of a nation, but at a higher level; globally, the city can be used to draw the likely direction of the world. The various activities that happen at the level of a nation shape the direction of the world. For instance, a collection of the various happenings in the cities in the United States is used in coming up with a clear goal of the state. As afore mentioned, the significance a city has to the state it is based may be quite low, but in a wide consideration, the city plays a role in shaping the policies of the world. Moreover, the cities can be used to create the local objective of a nation. Indeed, the role of cities is indispensable is steering the vision of a country.  

Conclusively, at whichever level these cities are considered, it is true that they play a very important role in the vision of a given state. Locally, at city levels, analysis is made concerning certain aspects of a nation and a probable future indicated. At the global level, a comparison is made between several cities, which brings about the spirit of bettering oneself. Therefore rankings are ways by which nations are prompted to better themselves, and in so doing, a vision is developed.  Indeed, both global and local consideration of cities plays an important part in seeing to the growth of the globe.