The problem of housing system can be resolved by utilizing various alternatives to provide appropriate housing to the residents of New Delhi. (Sivam, 2003: 139).

The quotations that Sivam (2003) provides address the meta-themes in various ways. For instance, the Labor and Capital topic can be addressed through providing decent homes to individual irrespective of their income. As explained in the article Introduction to Problems in the City, economic opportunities and globalization highly affect the factors of production such as skills to indulge in business activities thus earn good incomes. Individuals living in remote areas are likely to miss out the opportunities to better their pay due to their low skills. Therefore, providing alternatives to housing facilities such as providing settlement structure will be instrumental in improving the lives of people living in the city of New Delhi concerning labor and capital.

The suggested alternatives will also assist in tackling the problem of inequality in urban centers. The uniform housing facilities will provide an equal ground that will attempt to level up the quality of life of the people of New Delhi. Consequently, equal opportunities will be availed to a huge section of these people hence resolving the issue of inequality. Similarly, the problems associated with external influence will also be addressed. The uniform settlement scheme will create barriers for foreign investors who would want to invest in amassing wealth from the local residents. In fact, more power will have been given to the local individuals to govern their destiny regarding investment opportunities.

Concerning vision, the provision of even housing will control the impact of globalization on the local resident thus creating a vision for the people of New Delhi. The problem with globalization is that it may give divergent visionary ideas to individuals occupying distant geographical regions (Sivam, 2003). However, the uniform housing will result in an even globalization of the city of New Delhi thereby creating harmony is the manner in which the residents perceive vision.


Sivam, A. (2003). Viewpoint: Housing supply in Delhi. Institute of Social Research, Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia.