Modern World

Modern world today is difficult to imagine without business and technologies. These notions have considerably changed the arrangement and functioning of all modern industries. Modern people are representatives of the business-centered society that effectively uses results of technical revolution and innovations.

The company Apple is famous for the production of the most attractive gadgets. Between the world-shattering iPhone, wonderful laptops and MP3 Players that completely changed the industry and people’s image of the players, Apple truthfully manufactures a treasure trove of original and unfailing products. Being the company inventor of the personal computer, revolutionizing the usage of MP3 Players, Apple attracts more users and partners every year. The company is a constant member of the tech business, and having such status, the company suffers from many risks connected with activity of tech companies. Apple is prone to different risks of obsolescence. Software and hardware of Apple Company can be easily rendered by the newer technologies, as the world of technologies does not stand still and offers its innovations practically every month. That is why, company needs implementing new innovations.

Apple is the kind of company that possesses an exclusive allure that attracts customers as well as investors. Among a wide choice of companies, Apple is considered one of he most attractive for the investors. The reasons for it are many. The company has gained the status of reliable and trustworthy partner for many other corporations.

In order to prove whether the company is good or bad for investing, it is necessary to check its balance sheet that comprises its state of assets, liabilities, capacity and shareholders’ equity. The balance sheet demonstrates that the company had gained huge success during the second quarter of 2009. It is proved by the number of its revenues that the company managed to get from the sales of its production. This is the testimony of the stable quality of the products manufactured by the company. Taking into account this fact, it will be very reasonable to make the investments in the Apple Company, due to its permanent products quality, the revenues will stay on a high level. It guarantees high profits and positive feedback for the investors. Huge assets of the company and its stable positions in the market prove its profitability and competitiveness. These factors are also very important for the investors and give reasons for using the company as the object for investments. The balance sheet demonstrates that Apple positions in the share market are not so positive, and this is explained by the changes and vibration of the share prices that depend directly upon the demand (Apple, 2010). But the managerial of the company tries to do its best to get back the company to the previous indexes, taking different measures. In general, the level of share prices is quite high and it will grow in future due to the company’s policy. So, such state of affaires demonstrates once again that Apple is the best variant to invest. The fact that Apple is in the technical market for such a long period demonstrates effective and rational usage of the resources, permanent quality of the produced items, stable positions in the market, high level of revenues, liability and work of its staff and managerial that is also very important part of the chain.

Everything mentioned above makes the company very attractive for the investors from different companies. Apple is very effective as both, company for investments and partner. At the moment Apple is one of the leading companies in the industry of innovations and prize-winning computers, OS X operating systems and devices for personal and professional applications. Moreover, Apple is promoting the digital media revolution by means of its iPod transportable music and video players. It takes the leading positions in the mobile phone market due to its innovative iPhones. Nothing is more convincing for investors as stability of the company. It is exactly what Apple offers.