1. According to Hunt M. (2007), anti-depressant are helpful in relieving depression. Some ant-depressants like ketamine are able to relieve depression within a short period of about forty minutes. Anti-depressants are prescribed to people with depression because it is believed that depression is usually caused by chemical imbalance in the brain and these ant-depressants are known to help in balancing the chemicals in the brain, Hunt M. (2007). The anti-depressant drugs provide the brains of the patients with a certain chemical that regulates their moods. This chemical is usually known as serotonin. The process by which anti-depressants are known to cure depression is through balancing the chemicals that are in the brain that are known to be the major cause of depression.

2. Freudian psychology influenced the American society through his study of the functioning of human behavior. The most important vehicle in by which Freudian psychology influenced the American society is his idea of the treatment of patients with mental problems, Hunt M. (2007). Freud discovered that people unconsciously had mental problems through his neurotic study.

3. Humanistic psychology is the psychological movement that Morton Hunt referred to as the third force Hunt M. (2007). This movement was aimed at founding an association that more adequately addressed psychosomatic, psychological and psychosocial conditions. The third force was meant to tackle issues of self-actualization, nature, being, creativity and health which were supposed to be the main concerns to psychology. The third force was also a movement aimed at looking at the interests of healthy people who wanted to explore greater heights of human potential and the role they have on earth.

4. There is a contrast between the findings of Eysenck and those of Luborsky. Eysenck found out that, patients treated through psychoanalysis improved to the extent of 44%, those treated eclectically by 64 and those treated custodially improved by 72%, Hunt M. (2007). To him, there is an inverse correlation between recovery and psychotherapy, the more the psychotherapy, the smaller the recovery rate. Unlike Eysenck, Luborsky found out the psychodynamic and eclectic psychotherapy were not efficacious. The dodo bird hypothesis is an experiment that was aimed at finding out whether all psychotherapy treatments worked the same. The dodo bird hypothesis is supported by the findings of Eysenck who felt that both psychodynamic and eclectic psychotherapy were equally efficacious.

5. The organization that consulted with Maslow to study inner directed people is the good agency organization. They used the findings of the study of inner directed people to analyze and predict the behaviors of various groups of donors in their organization, Adam C. (2010).

6. The American army is the one which showcased in the century of the self part III. Jim Channon went there specifically to seek ways to help the U.S military personnel to be more cunning. He tested a wide range of mind control ways that involved the use of psychotropic drugs. The major aim of doing this was to make the military personnel more cunning through the use of drugs, (The century of the self 3 III., 2010).

7. This week’s topic helps know more about the idea of psychotherapists. It also gives an idea of the Freudian psychology and how it influenced the American society. In the last topic, the study of the living dead concerns brainwashing and the control of the mind. This topic is related to the topic of psychotherapists which is concerned with the treatment of mental problems like stress and depression.

8. I can link the knowledge of psychotherapist with my knowledge that people who have stress have a lot of chemical imbalance in their brains. When someone is experiencing problems, their bodies release chemicals to counteract the tension caused by such problems. If the chemicals do not balance with the other normal brain chemicals, such people get stressed.