Leadership is the act of organizing a group of people towards achieving the same goal. According to my opinion and based on personal experience, a good leader should possess a couple of qualities. A good leader should have the ability to carry out his/her vision without the influence of others, and also direct his/her actions and those of his followers toward the set goal. Action is a key characteristic of a leader. A leader should not negatively suffer from criticism but should always be doing something to achieve the vision.

One of the qualities is mental strength. Many people have a delusion that only people who are strong physically can make good leaders, but this is not true. Also, a person who can satisfy psychosomatic needs of his followers can also be a good leader. Another most important quality that a leader should possess is alertness and intelligence. A leader should use his/her brain every time and has to remain alert withears and eyes open; otherwise he/she could easily be carried by any enemy or fraud.

I sincerely believe that I possess the characteristics of the good leader. I once volunteered as a tutor in a university dormitory in my country, Kazakhstan. I had to care of the students I was responsible for. I became aware of that it was not easy to be the leader of a group even though it consisted of only ten students of my own age. Patience and wisdom helped me to lead them successfully. I taught them how to become successful students. I explained them how to manage their time wisely, because the time management was a common problem students faced in the university life. I was loyal, responsible and gregarious which were factors that helped me to succeed. I functioned in a systematic and purposeful manner in events of uncertainty. The qualities such as responsibility, wisdom and patience brought me success as their leader, teacher and even brother.

In every social group there must be the leader. If a community has the good leader then it definitely will find success. My students were bright and hard working and they followed my orders obediently. As a result of this, they performed exemplary and the future now looks bright for them. Finally, I am happy for myself because I to led a group that showed confidence and trust in me.Another thing that helped me is that I always appllied positive attitude, action-oriented approach and impartiality. A good leader should always be impartial towards the people he leads because the moment he becomes partial, he loses the confidence of others. The duty of a leader is to encourage and raise the standards of all his people and not just a few of them.

A good leader should also be an optimist having a positive attitude towards everything. He should never think negatively or plan anything showing a negative attitude. A leader should ever be courageous when facing troubles and should solve the problems instead of blaming or embarrassing others. A good leader is always confident. For the leader to lead and set direction he/she needs to look confident as an individual and in the leadership role. Such an individual inspires confidence in the people and draws out best efforts of the team to accomplish the task. A leader who shows confidence towards the proposed goals inspires the best efforts from the people.A leader should be able to put across his/her vision in a way that will make the followers to have confidence in it.