Sexual harassment is an indispensable topic of discussion especially due to the usual involvement of such in nowadays activities in educational institutions and work places. It is an issue that involves a clear description and understanding. Sexual harassment includes all forms of abusive approaches from an individual or group of individuals to an opposite sex. These approaches range from the use of mere words to the next step of touching the clothes, to the next of touching some sexual organs, to the next step of sexual assault and to the final maximum extent of rape. Any of these steps is a regarded as a sexual harassment. It can be from a teacher, a student or group of students. The victims of such harassment could be a female student, a male student, a female teacher or even a male teacher. In the majority of cases, the victims are students and this is where our discussion will be based on.

A student can do some sexually harassing activities on an opposite sex that could lead to effective outcomes on the victim. A lot of situations both recorded and non-recorded forms had occurred when a student would unbutton the clothes of an opposite sex fellow student. In some cases, there could be spontaneous kissing. At times opposite sex colleagues especially the male ones go to the extent of touching the sexual organs and some attempts of rape could also be recorded. This could be very traumatizing psychologically to the female victim most especially. It is a bad situation to imagine and to see the corrupt ways the adolescents of today are inclined to and this is as a result of the moral decadents in the society (Paludi, 1996). In recent times, the uncontrolled obscene television presentations and the freedom granted by parents to their children to its viewing, actually create the allowance for them to be instigated towards the practicalization of such acts. It is a challenge to the society, family and the educational sector of the society to combat and correct these tendencies.

Despite the rareness of this situation, there is yet an impact by the sexual harassments from teachers or college employees to student. There exists occasions where the teachers due to the full knowledge of the academic desires of the student use this as an advantage for the sexual exploitation of these students. In some cases, the sexual harassment is done by a female teacher or college worker to a male student and in majority of the cases; this is done by the male teacher or college worker to a female student. It is however noteworthy the points from an opposing view that proposes that the sexual affairs between a teacher and the student could lead to motivated and increased academic performances (Gallop, 1997). According to Gallop there is a greater feeling of pride and sense of superiority that a male student could feel when a female teacher is sexually interested in him and as a result of this, it should not be seen as a crime from the side of the female teacher because of the mutual and consensual nature of it (Gallop, 1997). I am of course of the opinion that is against such practices. This is because despite the fact that there may be some immediate benefits, there is a lot of disadvantage of this act on the long run. According to some researches done, it was found that most males who were victims of such situations from a teacher who is older and more socially advanced than him always have problems in later life forming and maintaining a long-term relationship with the opposite sex who is within his age range (Paludi, 1996). These males end up resorting to the act of masturbation and the intense use of pornographic materials. It is however necessary to put teachers in a continuous check in order to avoid such occurrences and also to put up governing laws in the colleges that could easily prevent, expose and punish such acts.

Some of these sexual harassments could lead to some social outcomes in the lives of the adolescent victims. There are as we know some points encouraging such sexual activities in education and they do so by trying to prove the point that this brings out the best in the involved individuals. They further portray the point that such students involved in these activities are students that become aware of some challenges and hence equip themselves to live up to expectation. Therefore, they emphasize that it brings out the best in these students and makes them active, exposed and more effective and productive even in their education. This point out that such activity could lead to activation of the sleeping aspect of the lives of these students. I wish to state here that this situation leads to demoralization of the student, loss of self-esteem, loss of the interest to continue in that college, loss of interest and fear of attending classes, loss of the desire to be with his colleagues and generally depressed state especially on the female student victim (Weiner $ Dziech 1984). These students usually end up changing schools and keeping away from any social gathering or activities and they tend to always stay alone as a preventive measure against any further occurrence of such.


The sexual harassments in education lead to more damaging social effects on the adolescent victims than any upgrading effect one could think of. It should be highly discouraged, hindered and punished appropriately as this is an unlawful act.

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