The writing process comprises of as many steps as one may want to make it. However the road one takes to completing successful essay or article writing must consist of these basic processes; polishing, revising, drafting, and rewriting. These processes have no specific order since they are recursive. This is because you may be in the revision phase and then forced to revisit the pre-writing phase.


Basing on the Capella University research document writing process, the researchers have described writing as a trip. We all have an accord when we argue that it is critical and crucial to have a plan when taking a trip however short or long it is. When writing anything, it is vital that you understand the assignment or topic under study. There is no possible way you can write what you don’t understand. From my point of view, an essay written by a writer who doesn’t have a complete understanding to whatever the title or topic is, he or she has done a completely useless work. These process allows one to focus on the thinking, planning, determining the purpose, and analyzing the type of audience that your writings will impact. These important process can be related to need phase of a system engineer. If the engineer skips or doesn’t follow this phase to the latter, the successive process may not meet the required or expected pass mark for the complete essay.


This process is termed as the actual journey which is the actual writing. In this process, one puts down the main idea basing on the predefined introduction compiled in the rewriting phase. This phase has been overstated in the Writing process by the Capella University researchers. It is an important phase as it helps in ensuring no mistakes are made at the beginning stages and the rest of the document. It is pointless to draft the audience after having done a perfect job of analyzing the audience in the pre-writing phase. The most super sensitive purpose of the draft phase is the introduction. Drafting an introduction should be done perfectly since it’s the point that gives rise to all the other sections of the document.


This is a phase that equals the testing phase in a system development life cycle. In this phase, a writer goes back to his draft and the pre-writing phase check if the contents of the plan are error free. At this point, one should be half way satisfied to have written the essay. This phase comprises proof-reading and editing. It cuts along the determination of quality and quantity of the paper or essay. At this phase, the writer aligns the flow of his work to ensure high quality and easy understanding of the essay by the audience. Skipping this phase or luck of keenness in this phase can result to a poor finale copy of the essay due to mistakes since man is to error. I agree with the Capella University researchers that this phase is autonomously important in ensuring that the finale copy of the document is of preferred quality.


This is the last phase of writing an essay according to the Capella University writing Process document. It tackles on the grammar, spelling and punctuation aspect of the document. It is a fine tuning phase. It scrubs on possible errors done during the previous four phases. This phase is equally important.


The Capella University Writing process document is a standard outline of how quality essays should be written. Their argument points are substantially stated. I am in total agreement with the fact that the phases running from pre-writing phase to the polishing phase are vital in providing a quality essays for academic purposes.



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